The universe is the reflection of The Goddess, we call her Prakrithi. Her true nature is beyond shape and form, She is the ultimate energy (Shakthi). We have been worshipping her in various forms such as Sarswati, Lakshmi, Durga and Tripura Sundhari etc. By doing this way, we are limiting her transcendence in our perception, which is beyond our contemplation. Concentrate on the Goddess in the form of nothingness, the entire universe and yourself are part of the great nothingness. You get dissolved into Her, into the Great Void. This is Laya Yoga.

VijnanaBhairavaTantra says the same thing like this:


You are Universe
All pervading Nothingness
Merge me into You


At times we feel that we have lost something, but could not make what it is. We yearn for something, but don’t know what it is. We may be having all our material comforts, our loved ones love the same way they are doing and there may not be any change in our daily routine. Yet, we feel lonely in the midst of people, a kind of vacuum. Know then that your longing is not for mundane; you are looking for the Love of the Lord who can only fill your heart with the abundance of His Divine Love.

What am I searching?
With parched lips, empty heart
Ohh, my Lord and Love